Monday, March 29, 2010

A quick fix on beauty…

When you look great, you feel great and there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself at times to maintain that beautiful look. Being beautiful is what every woman craves. However, remaining constant is never appealing to anybody’s eyes. You will sometimes get tired of looking at the same old sight in the mirror and people will get so used to your trade mark style which in time becomes an ordinary look. This sometimes calls for radical changes. Whether it is a five minute hairstyle change or sensual eyes make over, getting a prominent cheek bone with blush or nutrition and exercise, the effect of a makeover is simply stunning. It always creates the feeling of something new.

The first thing you would want to do is go out and shop for clothes. It is advisable to bring a friend along to help figure out which clothes flatter you best. If you are up to picking a particular kind of dress, ask your friend to choose something different which will make you feel great.

Now this is where the transformation really kicks in. With the hair, you need to go all the way. If your make over involves wigs or weaves, choose colors which you can wear every day. Something that you will not regret having on your head for a certain period of time…go with magazine cut outs to show a stylist if need be.

You will also have to learn how to wear makeup - lip stick, blush and any other cosmetics to accentuate your new look. You don’t have to do it heavily but it’s advisable to invest in good products. MAC, Sleek and L’Oreal products are authentic and will make you look your best.

Other major changes could involve hitting the gym. It is cheaper when you look for one around your area and get membership. Also, if you need a push into doing some exercises, you can get a personal trainer but above all, go all the way with a makeover, you will fall in love with yourself.

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