Friday, March 19, 2010

Nail care

Nails are a very important part of the body and they give shape to the fingers. What's more, nails that are well taken care of will add such beauty to your hands that you will deem it very essential to take care of this little, but vital part of your body.

Bloody or mottled finger nails aren't pretty, but they can be dealt with quite easily. How about making a fragrant lotion in the comfort of your house, which you will use prior to applying nail varnish?

Our Recipe
  • Glycerin
  • hydrogen peroxide (3 percent solution)- Orange flower water
  • Measuring spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel
  • 8-Ounce bottle with cap

1. Buy glycerin and orange flower water at a pharmacy
2. Yield 8 ounces
3. Measure 2 tablespoons of glycerin and 5/8 cap of 3 percent
hydrogen peroxide solution into an 8-ounce bottle, fill the bottle with orange
water, cap the bottle and shake it well.
To use the bleach, soak your nails in this mixture for about 15 minutes. Repeat as needed before applying clear vanish to the nails.
  • Use remover to remove the grease from nails before soaking them
  • File your nails regularly to maintain a good shape
  • Apply hardener or remover to keep the nails original color.
With clean and beautiful hands, you will feel more beautiful and confident. You have all the rights to flaunt those attractive assets then, and the bloody or mottled fingernails will be a thing of the past.

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