Friday, October 29, 2010


A few weeks ago, I call the Shear charity ball saw fashionistas and various NGOs come together for a good cause. The dress code was a bow-tie affair. Our fashion police could not help but notice that although everybody was smart to the dot, few made little mistakes that can be put in place. Today; we introduce you to statement necklaces that would fit your ball gown. Bold necklaces seem to have made steam with ball gowns. They are popular and look very elegant in making a statement and work well to enhance one’s look.

The geometrical necklace is one of those necklaces worth having. Striking geometrical shapes like triangles and squares are a very creative way of creating a pivot hot look for a ball gown.

A quieter, yet still fashionable piece is the charm style necklaces embellished with squares and diamonds linked together to create a pattern. It is even more beautiful with colored stones or pearls.

Obviously, other jewelry should be kept to a maximum say the earrings and cocktail rings but the necklace does not have to be as busy as the ball gown. All you have to do is wear jewelry that compliments the dress and yet create a focal point for the look in style.

The main thing to recall when it comes to statement necklaces is to break all the rules! Go gigantic, bold, bright and stunning but don’t get the trend wrong. Keep in mind that the gown will require attention too. So, next time you are required to dress up for a ball, you know better!