Friday, June 25, 2010

Beauty from the inside out

Yesterday, the world celebrated World Widows' Day, something which was encouraged by Humanitarians and concerned people the world over. Among the front runners of the recognition of such days is Mrs. Cherrie Blair, wife of the former British Premier Tony Blair. See, Cherrie was not just a pretty face on number 10 while her husband went ahead to represent his country in honor, she is a successful Barrister, a philanthropist, a humanitarian, a mother and a sister who has stood up for women rights.

There are so many celebrities and ordinary citizens who have stood up for women's rights too especially the helpless widows and women in general. In countries where women have not been allowed access to jobs, this plight has reached a concern. There are various ways in which every individual can make this world a better place and turn make the universe beautiful from the inside out. Here are a few suggestions and examples of people who have created beauty in their works and can encourage us to stand up for the helpless.

Cherrie Blair

She has specialized to fight for human rights, employment, European law and arbitration. Her foundation, matrix chambers looks to provide improved services to widows and under privileged women. You too can stand up and represent your community by first off showing concern against mistreatment and abuse at community levels. Be the voice.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah has been the voice of the under privileged and has used her media influence to touch the lives of other people through her O foundations. She has fought for the rights of girls and has even gone further to build a school for girls. It is a form of empowerment. You don't have to be as rich as Oprah, you could volunteer to educate girls in your community formally or informally and have your input.

Wangari Mathai

She is Kenyan Humanitarian, women rights activist and a parliamentarian who has stood up in matters concerning the environment and has never put her foot down. She believes that for a community to live harmoniously and with life longevity, nature comes first. Her Green belt movement has earned her recognition on the global platform and she has given women hope to stand up for their rights. Wangari is a living example of persistence. Many widows are side lined and not included in environmental issues. They in the end have land and property taken away from them. You can learn from Wangari and help a widow in your neighborhood by supporting her.

Maeza Ashenafi
Maeza Ashenafi is an Ethiopian women activist who has led for freedom of the undermined Ethiopian women and against cultural taboos against women. She is a voice for the voiceless at the united African Nation’s University. You too can join emancipation groups and fight against injustice through your group.

Tanzania women's media Association is another group of women who have created a platform to fight for women's rights. The group specializes in fighting for fair portrayal of women in the media among other activities. You too can help fight stigma in areas where women are portrayed as the weaker sex. In this day and era, women have stood up for equal rights and that should be the case.

To sum all the above, women have come a long way to fight against injustices such as domestic violence, incest, forceful take over and psychological torture through abuse. It is therefore all of the community's rights to protect its members and we as Africans should put this under consideration in order to create a peaceful and loving, more beautiful environment to live in.