Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hair Gallery

By Shear writer

A polished look is all one needs to have a great day and what better way is there to look so than with great hair? Make a statement with a lace wig or simply get that relaxed look with cornrows or braids-the choice is yours. It is quite simple to look your best. However, choosing the right style that suits is another thing all together in achieving that creatively stylish finish

Lace wigs - it is the era of wearing lace wigs and everybody is going for it. Do not miss out on the fun of wearing it yourself .it helps people with thinning hair at the front and is also daily fashionable attire. Although they need expertise in wearing, lace- wigs are easy to manage and give an instant transformed look when worn.

Cornrows - cornrows are not just a fashion statement but also one of the ancient African hairstyles that has maintained status on the fashion scene by simply evolving. There is a variety of ways cornrows can be worn lately.

Braids - Hair extensions are a must for any African woman, or at least the majority. Braids are the most used of the extensions and should be wearable, comfortable and with a relaxed look. The look is not as severe as wearing a wig but can also be upped for special occasions. The goodness of braiding is, there is a variety of ways it can be done say twists, knots or loops. The other advantage of braids is that it provides you with a vast range of versatility in terms of hairstyles.So, go with the range.