Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Application for full band false eyelashes:

-Before applying false eyelashes, clean your lashes and lids so they are oil free.
-Carefully remove the lashes from platform with tweezers.
-Compare lash length with natural eye line length. If necessary cutoff excess to conform with your own length.
-Pour a few drops of glue adhesive on foil.
-Apply the eyelash glue on the full false eyelash band area and wait for 15 – 20 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky.
-Holding the fake eyelashes with tweezers, apply the falsies with the line of glue to your upper lash line but not touching eyelid.
-Use fingertips to press down on the centre of the lash first, then the inner part and finally the outer end until glue sets.
-Mascara may be used to blend with your natural lashes but it is not necessary.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  • Prefer near red nail polish when you are going red on the lips. Do not let nails clash!

  • A black or clear nail polish or light colour is cool when wearing red lipstick.

  • Red lipstick says something about your mood and may look different on the lips depending on the skin type of the wearer.

  • So don’t shy away, lipstick heightens the lips, makes them more full, more moist, go for it girl!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Are a fun and easy way to change your look. You can achieve many different looks with acrylic nails without even having to visit a salon. And if you have short nails, you can grow instant claws within minutes!

Acrylic nails come in all shapes, colors and length. The choice is unlimited.But also remember, acrylic nails are not an excuse to neglect your nails. Just like you need to take care of yourself to look good, so do you need to give your nails some tender loving care for them to look fabulous.The bottom line is, you are what you eat. The rewards of good health will definitely show on the outside!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Apply Makeup in 7 Easy Steps

It is best to get used in applying moisturizer about 10 minutes before beginning your make-up application.
Step 1 :Choose foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Foundation may be applied using your fingertip or a makeup sponge. Blend it out until it covers your entire face.
Step 2: Use a loose or pressed powder to set the foundation on longer. Then use a large, soft powder brush to dust off any excess powder.
Step 3: Do your eyebrows next. Use powdered eyebrow shadow on brows instead this gives you an elegant yet natural look.
Step 4 :Choose three colors of eye shadow. On the eyelid on the left the colors should be blended and the ‘hard edges’ should be softened. This is the effect to be aimed for so as when the eyes are open, the softening effect of blending is clear.
Step 5: Lifting your chin while looking down, stroke the mascara through your top lashes, combing them upwards. Mascara applied to the lower lashes often smudges under the eye, and looks messy halfway through the day.
Step 6 :Smile to find the apples of your cheeks, and apply blush to the apples or below. To add definition to the cheekbone or to slim the face, the shading color is applied in a curved shape below the cheekbone.
Step 7 :Finish with a lipstick color that’s suited to your skin tone and that’s perfect for your night or day look. Your lipstick can make or break your look. Whether you aim for a natural or dark lipstick color, aim to achieve a balanced overall effect.