Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair do

If you are looking for something exceptional in hair, something that has got attitude and just enough altitude, there are simple rules you will need to follow and trust me, there is no going wrong on this.


  • A lot of experiments with your hair. Have a lot of hairstyles by slicking the hair back with serum for a high shine finish. You will need to go easy on the serum though. Put just a bit and add if you have to. This will avoid having the damp look
  • Remember that up do’s usually work better on day old hair. The texture helps the style to stay in place and stops all your hard work literally slipping through your fingers. So, if you have growth, please avoid this.
  • Always accessorize. Prettify your tresses by adding a little bit of accessory say clips or bands
  • Use some plaits into your hair for updated trends. You may not have to over do it though. Just a few lines, two or three for effect.


  • This look is not only for the night time so go ahead and play with it. It could save you from a bad hair day.
  • Forget to protect your hair from heat damage as you style your locks. Afro hair is particularly prone to dryness and susceptible to breakage so it will need a little more attention.
  • Hold the hair all up if you have a round face. It is advisable to leave a few strands of your hair to fall on the face as a more suitable style.
  • Never forget to finish an up do with a spritz of shine spray for that extra sparkle.

Well, after this, you will shine like the star that you are.