Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good morning are some hair tips for your hair....
-If your hair is in a really terrible condition start taking some good multi vitamin for a month or two. Shear Hair & Beauty recommends the 21st Century Hair, Skin and Nails dietary supplement available at JD pharmacy.
- Maintain a healthy diet, increase the intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables, drink plenty of water and avoid short spicy or junk foods.
- Some spices are good for promoting healthy looking hair; these include turmeric, black pepper and cumin. Start using these spices in your daily nutritional intake but just be careful because an excess may be harmful for the rest of your body.
- Avoid stress, because stress or anxiety may lead to hair loss.
- Always use a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type.
- Avoid sleeping in hair accessories such as barrettes, scrunches, head bands, etc. This can lead to hair damage. Use a sleeping cap made of soft fabric and wrap your hair at night, so it stays smooth and silky the whole time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good morning ladies..
Let these simple, sumptuous basics guide you on how to come clean after that long party.

Have Cold cream and Baby oil to keep the lips soft and smooth.
Dab enough of the product of your choice to coat the lips and using a soft wash cloth, rub in circular motion to loosen the lipstick from your lips.
Rinse the wash cloth with cool water and rub the wet cloth in the same circular motion, removing the product and lipstick from your lips.
Repeat the first and second step until the color is completely gone.
Apply moisturizer,this helps to keep the lips hydrated and soft.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Threading eyebrows

This is becoming the method of choice for many over waxing, and just downright thin or sensitive skin. Threading uses a string to remove hair.
-Less contact with the skin:
Threading has little to no contact with the skin. Waxing, however tugs at skin when the hair is removed, and can really irritate sensitive skin making it turn pink to extremely red.
-Stop seeing red:The skin mostly gets red because of the wax tugging at the skin, not the actual removal of the hair. If you do get pink from threading, it usually goes away within the hour.
-Skin delicacy:The skin around the eyes is thin, and can get easily irritated from waxing even if it doesn’t bother other body zones. Threading eyebrows is a true life saver for hair removal in the eye area.
-No contradictions:Threading eyebrows doesn’t remove the top layer of skin like waxing. So even people that use Re tin-A or take other medications that conflict with waxing, can still get threading.
-Burn-free method:Most waxes are used warm, but can be heated up too much and burn the skin resulting in extreme pain and scabby skin. There’s no chance of getting scorched with threading.
-No one’s allergic to string:Sometimes having an allergic reaction is mistaken as sensitivity. Waxes are often based on a certain ingredient like: lavender, tea tree, chocolate and the
list goes on and on. With this method, there’s no need to worry.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good morning ladies...

Night creams have a number of uses to the skin...

-They nourish and revitalize the skin.
-Supply moisture and hydration.
-Sooth and calm the skin.
-Promote even complexion and finer texture.
-Improve blood circulation.
-Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.
-Prevents sagging of the skin.
-Makes skin soft smooth and supple.
-Helps restore the skin elasticity.
-Stimulates skin renewal.