Saturday, May 29, 2010

High street hit list-you at your best

While they may be trendy today, chances are women’s beauty products will change every other month. However, although the changes may be with the shades, every 'girly' lady needs these to make it in the fashion world. Yes; these are part of the must-haves got from a starlets fashion bible-something you should never go without lest your niche in the fashion industry is all ruined. This will be of massive help in line with beauty and self and also, let’s say, with helping to create a better you.

The top fashionable style for you is not the one copied from a celebrity yet get no compliment at all for yours. Please go with trends that suit you. If you wear your hair right, you will have it. You can choose to go a bit edgy within your limits and pull it off and get a few more stares and lots of compliments. Opt for something that defines you in the most beautiful way. You want to look beautiful and it’s for you, right?

Fringes work best for long faces, like Naomi Campbell's (Above). Depending on your taste, you can wear a fringe that falls directly in the face or on one side of the forehead (Below)

Nail varnish
There are an endless number of trendy colors available in the market to choose from and varnish is an important part of a beauty routine if you like color. If there are no alternatives to suit you, create French tips as they are a sophisticated look that fit for any clothes color.
Lately, nail art has also become a popular trend but you need to go easy on the design. You don’t want to look like a drag queen or something of the sorts.

Eye pencil/liner/Eyelashes
Eye liner defines the face. If applied well around the contours of the eyes, it looks really pretty. If you don’t have knowledge, you can get a quick makeup tutorial from a trendy friend. One should differentiate from the day eye liner and night look. Use it to fill sparse eye lashes too. Whatever look you opt for with the eyeliner, do not make a mess out of it or the entire face will look messed up.

Shampoo is recommended for cleansing the head to remove oils, dirt, dead skin and contaminant particles from the hair. There a many shampoos in the market that promises to achieve a wide range of benefits from fattening strands to adding color and texture. You need to know exactly what you want for your hair say adding volume or conditioning because shampooing your hair is vital for growth.

Eye shadow
The essence of wearing eyeshadow is to make the eyes stand out but you can use it to apply simple definition too by wearing just a little bit. It is one of the most important routines of wearing make up as color creates the beauty. However, the colors that you choose should be chosen with guidance on what blends with the outfit you are going to wear.

MAC Pigment eyeshadow has always been my favorite. It comes in more than 15 colours and when applied, can stay bright and fresh for more than 12 hours!

Compressed powder
This is the most widely used cosmetic that enhances the appearance of the skin. a friend of mine calls them instant age rewinders because it makes her face appear much younger after she has applied it and they really work to cover shine or blemishes.An authentic powder gives beautiful coverage without cakage and a touch up filled without a hassle

Yes, after you apply these simple must haves and incorporate them in your daily walk with fashion, then you are fit to be called a diva.