Friday, April 16, 2010

Hair we go…

A woman’s hair may be her crowning glory but not when it is in the wrong places. For some, having a very hairy body is nasty enough. How much more moving around with outgrown or overgrown pubic?
There are a variety of products on the market that are skin friendly and can remove hair at an instant. You do not have to go through the pain of waxing in order to have silk smooth legs. You would be surprised how easy it is to make all these things an instant issue of the past. And the beauty of it is that it hardly hurts!

Use a shaver machine
Use a good product like Gillette Venus whose 5 blades allow virtually every hair to be targeted which allows for a smoother shave. A hand shaver may also come in handy if you want to shave the arm pits.
Hair removal pads
Exfoliate and remove hair quite easily. It does not hurt as much as waxing as the surface covered when removing hair is smaller.Hair Removal gel. This gel is formulated to dissolve hair particles quite easily. It is a fast way to get rid of unwanted hair and attain a clean look.
Removal Cream
The key ingredients are salicylic acid, willow and hypericum extract which help dissolve the keratin in the hair and keep the skin smooth and soft.The advantage - It is very fast and quite reliable. You will not have extra hairs left.
You don’t have to go through the pain of waxing or plucking.
The disadvantages - Most of the chemicals smell bad but it’s only for a while so washing after should be done with extra time to get rid of any remains of the gel or cream.
You have to be very careful which products you use because some people are allergic to the chemicals in them.
• Use shavers whose blades have been used before. Always use a new blade for a fresh shave.
• Do not use chemicals that have an expired date. It is harmful to the body.