Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hair Talk

The sudden hype on lace wigs is on…

Are you an ebony colorized woman, living the urban life and following what’s hot? I bet you have walked down the streets of Dar es Salaam, Nairobi or Kampala and noticed a fast trend picking up-the lace wig. At some point, you will run into a woman spotting the longest of tresses and looking well groomed. Yes, many girls ('fashionistas') are rushing for the lace wig; a friend of mine with a beauty store told me they sell like hot cake and are on every A-Listers’ must have this season.

Well, there is no denying, the lace wig is the new-or should I say not so new but in- design all fashionistas have to catch. It is as magical as growing your own hair at an instant. Do you want to have hair like the celebrities you spot in music videos? Way to go! You can borrow the look from Beyonce or opt for a bohemian lace wig, the variety is endless and they come in all colors and lengths.

Wearing the lace wig

Here are a few sassy lace looks and how to achieve them

Wear your lace like Beyonce and achieve instant big hair

Or opt for the shot Bob often sported by Ciara

First you will need,

A wide toothed comb
Sulphate free shampoo
Leave in conditioner
Detangle hair in small bits using a brush.
  1. When washing, fill bucket or sink with cool water.
  2. Put desired amount of shampoo in the sink or bucket
  3. Let it sink for 3o minutes
  4. Rinse the unit holding the hair but not inside the cap
  5. Refill water in the sink or bucket
  6. Put desired amount of conditioner and sink for 30 minutes
  7. Rinse and let hair air dry


It is important to keep hair moisture since it is not receiving natural oils from the head. When hair loses moisture, it creates split ends and this happens to the wigs too. It could turn your expensively real hair into a raggedy look so have extra time for it.