Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skin care for oily skin

If you have over active glands, chances are you will have oily skin. When skin produces too much sebum, the skin pores gets clogged and thus contribute to several skin problems. The best way to tackle oily skin is to eat food enriched with sources of Vitamin B2. This would include whole grains, wheat grams, nuts and beans.
There is a common myth that oily skin does not require hydration. This is not right as it is extremely important that skin should remain hydrated. Though it might sound unconventional, a good moisturizer can help you in keeping your skin hydrated. This is because if your skin suffers from dehydration, this would only contribute to added skin problems.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hair Growth

Our hair grows approximately a quarter of a centimetre each month (faster in warm weather). On average, a healthy person loses between 75 to 100 hairs a day. Each hair strand is 97% protein and 3% moisture. The only living part of the hair is the root or bulb, which is invisible – unless you pull it out.
Each hair has a life cycle of one to seven years and falls out to make room for new hair, and the cycle starts again. So periodically you will see a lot of hair on your brush or in the sink. Do not freak out! It is a normal process.
If you see thinning spots on your scalp or notice a dramatic change in the amount of hair loss ,here are some guidelines to help you treat your hair:
-Steam your hair in a warm cap or hair salon steamer for a few minutes with deep conditioning treatments to open the hair cuticle. Then use a conditioner for your hair type.
-Use a volumizing shampoo.
-African hair tends to be dry, so you need to moisturize it to keep it from becoming brittle.
-Eat a balanced or recommended daily portion of protein.
-Eat sulfur-rich foods like beans, milk, dairy products, fish and eggs.
-Avoid excess sugar and caffeine.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

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