Friday, February 19, 2010

A Bridal Experience

Have you received a marriage proposal lately and do not know how to plan your next move? Well, you will be way too busy to prepare on your own so you need to get a team together so that everything moves smoothly for that special day. Most probably, the wedding planner will come in handy. But again, you do not want the wedding planner to follow their heart; you want your desires to be met for the occasion. In our African society, the wedding planners come in form of sisters, aunts and any female friends close by. For this article, we will refer to them as “friend”. Sometimes they can be a nuisance and yet the best thing that ever happened to you. But the best thing for you to do is to put your foot down and assign each one of them their special duties they should stick to for this is your special day.

Here are a few things they should be able to handle.

  • Saving for your wedding. After you have been proposed to and are making a plan, you don’t need to beg for money from friends around. Do not rely on parents or relatives to fund the wedding either, it wears them down. Allow people to bring in what they can and work the rest. This means if you have a job, save enough for that day and share the bills with your spouse to be. It is also encouraged to get this special friend who will keep you in check with your finances. They could also help to host a few meetings and plan the dates if you plan on having a few of them.

  • Planning the wedding. You need a site to get married. A location could range from a home to a hired venue. Most traditional marriages take place at home but if you feel like hosting an after party or having more liberal views on the venue and more creativity, you need to find places that are not too expensive. Finding the right site can save you a lot of money and this friend should help you plan for that and minimize the costs. This person should also make sure you detail your dream wedding so that it can turn out exactly how you have visualized it before. Arrangements for flowers and music should also be taken care of by them.

  • Getting the clothes ready and well fitting. To avoid last minute cramming into a dress or having to reduce the dress, you need to keep fitting into the clothes and that should go on continuously. This friend should monitor your diet and regimes to keep you fit for the day. If you want to lose some weight, this friend will be there for you. Remember to have someone who is honest and whose opinions you truly trust in order to get through the process.

  • Food preparations. Food is expensive and you have to put together a plan that would suit everybody who will attend your wedding. Make sure to include the drinks therein. This friend should look out to see whether you can find yourself cheaper offers in order to cut the cost. Without the right food, you will have grumpy guests who would not appreciate the entire wedding. The friend should also take care of your needs before the wedding say; help you with feeding schedules before the wedding in order to achieve a perfect skin and figure for the special day.

  • The minister or Imam or the person in charge of carrying out the wedding ceremony should be taken care of by someone in charge. Make sure you have booked him for the right time. Get someone to keep in check with him, paying the fee or taking care of the banns.

  • Ending notes. Don’t forget to say your thank you to the people who have been there for you all through the arrangements and to the people, who attended, say thank you to them after the wedding. The friend in charge should be able to send out those notes on time.

    I bet you’ll have a fabulous wedding if you keep up with the friends on these matters. But what matters most is you. So give it your all and look your best for this.