Friday, April 9, 2010

Brow Makeover

Beautiful brows are quite easy to achieve by tweezing, waxing or cutting. As it is for any other facial makeover, it is important that you discover the best brow shape for your face.
The shape of your eyebrows can make you look sexy, elegant, polished, professional or just plain beautiful. But what is the secret to achieving your desired look? You need to follow a shape that defines your facial features and enhances the eyes, with or without make up. In fact, the perfect eyebrows shape for your face can be used to control your entire facial shape.
However, not everyone has great eyebrows that can be shaped into a perfect arch. Many of us will admit that we struggle with odd shaped eye brows and can only be comfortable with the powerful tools which have always come in handy. Therefore, the next time you make your rounds at the Beauty shop, consider having the following tools in mind:
  • Stencil to provide perfect accuracy to the brow
  • Brow powder to provide color and natural soft finish
  • Soft pencil to use as a great marking tool for the brow
  • Brush-a must buy
  • Tweezers for hair removal
  • Scissors-yes, some people may need it.
To tweeze the eye brow,
  1. Comb the eye brows up and trim the excess. Do the same when you comb them downwards.
  2. Use an eye liner to mark the area to be tweezed. If any hair is out of the area, pluck it out
  3. Tweeze hair from the bottom of the natural hair line, just above eyelid. Tweeze one hair at a time and look. Keep doing that for the perfect shape.
  4. Look forward where the iris is and that’s where the arch should begin. It is also a guide to start thinning the brow line towards the hairline.
  5. When finished, dab anti-septic across the entire area. This will ensure no pimples or ingrown hairs will pop out.
It is advisable to use tweezers instead of razors because first, you will acquire the perfect eye shape when you tweeze and most importantly, the hair takes time to grow back keeping you looking fresh.