Friday, September 3, 2010


One of the common fragrances this holiday is that of Oudh. Burning Fragrances has a long tradition that has been passed down over the generation, the art of combining sweet scents and soaking woodchips with the fragrance is alive and fluorishing today.

How to Create Mood with Arabian Scents

The aroma stays with you and leaves a powerful remembrance this season. To give some elegance to your home this festive season , add a traditional Arabian Oudh Attar or spray to be inviting at your front door. You can burn incense on your veranda and other areas in your home. Your visitors will feel welcome in a special way!

Attar - a natural and exotic perfume obtained by extraction from agarwood trees. Attar is derived from an ancient Persian word which means "to smell sweet".

Bakhoor or Bukhoor - an arabic word that translates as 'incense' in English, which is a derivative of the root arabic word Bukhar (meaning steam, vapour and fume). It is a mixture of scents and usually looks like small pieces of coal about the size of your thumb. This sort of scent is used to burn in the home and is a kind of air freshener for rooms and houses.

Stockist: 8020 Fashions
Price: Tsh. 45,000

These woodchips soaked in fragrant oils can be burnt in an incense burner to perfume the home and clothing specifically on special occasions like parties, or weddings. Attar, Bakhoor or Oudh can be a good present during the holiday celebration.

Oudh Charcoal - is slow burning charcoal that allows you to burn oud and Bakhoor at the most effective temperature and and duration. It is easy to ignite with a matchstick and safe to use.

Stockist: Zulekha - 0774 314151
Price: Tsh. 20,000

Steel Oud Burner - a high quality Oud Burner with a wooden handle and a gleaming copper finish of supreme quality. It is a perfect gift, made in exquisite Arabic design. It can also be an eye-catching decorative item for your room.

Stockist: Shear Illusions
Price: Tsh. 45,000

Marhaba - a stunning Oud Burner made of resilient composite material with a separate ceramic burn cap. It is a perfect gift, decorative piece and a fully functional Oud burner.

Stockist: Zulekha - 0774 314151
Price: Tsh. 35,000


A collection of the finest Bukhoor and Oudh fragrances are available in stock. Depending on the quality and content, prices range between Tsh. 10,000 and Tsh. 65,000 per pack.

Attar and Arabian perfumes - the finest collection of swiss arabian fragrances are available in stock. Depending on the quality and content, prices range between Tsh. 10,000 and Tsh. 150,000 per bottle.

Stockist: Zulekha - 0774 314151