Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Classy Black Lady

Classy black lady is an illustrative, since we as black women have to come to terms with certain naturals, say, not being blessed with the longest of tresses. Well, other ethnicities have a bunch of complaints too and instead of sitting down to brood over it, a solution has been found. Thanks to the beauty industry, women the world over have embraced extra beauty must- haves and decided that to have it would only mean to be classy, and as a matter of fact, these things are expensively real yet bring out the best in the beautiful.

For a while now, women have worn eyelashes for occasions and events where dramatic eyes were necessary - awards, weddings and parties. Long, full eye lashes are just sexier, classier and more feminine. A woman’s beauty is on her eyes and eyelashes help to accentuate that beauty. If you use mascara to lengthen the lash, it appears real and very very classy.

Weaves have trended as the classiest expensively real must haves. Most of the trend setters and fashionistas will admit that they wear weaves to give them that extra edge in beauty. If you do not have patience to grow your hair - something very few African women have been blessed with - the weave will come in handy. Please go for something that suits your face and creates sophistication for you.

Acrylics have evolved into a nice piece of art thanks to the ever growing nail designs that have emerged in the fashion and beauty industry. Once you overcome the discomfort as a first time wearer, the rest is history. Acrylics are of help if you want to grow your own nails. The best thing about them is they give instant grooming.

Contact lenses are the rage this season with a variety of colors to choose from. Pick a color that will flaunt your whole self and give you that umph.You are looking to be classy so go all the way and opt for the comfort and ease of wearing contacts instead.

The list goes on and on but all you have to do is try to come to terms with your natural self and apply only limited amounts of whatever you opt for, making it appear as real as it can be. Remember, classy is in the way you put it on and flaunt it. You are looking to be classy not trashy.