Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Floss for pearly white teeth

Apart from brushing your teeth, add flossing to your daily dental care routine to remove deposits of food that form harmful plaque in the spaces between your teeth. Dentists say flossing helps reduce tooth decay and prevent gum disease.

Here is how:

  • Use a length of about 45 centimetres of floss. Wind one end around a finger on your left hand. Wind the other end around a finger on your right hand.
  • Keep the floss taut between the two fingers and gently guide between the first pair of teeth. Be careful not to cut down into the gum.
  • Side the floss up and down one tooth and then up and down the side of the other tooth to dislodge all bits and pieces of food wedged between them.
  • Repeat this for every tooth, including the back surface of your last molar.
  • As you move from one tooth to the next, wind the used floss onto one finger and release clean floss from the other finger.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

Turmeric (Manjano)
Natural products are made from plants and minerals that occur in nature and have not been produced in a laboratory.Organic products are also made from natural ingredients. They are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.Turmeric for example can be classified as a natural and organic product because it can be grown in controlled conditions.Turmeric (commonly known as Manjano) is one of the greatest natural remedies for pimple.In fact, it is clinically proven to clear pimple in short periods, naturally.Since turmeric has various medicinal qualities it acts also as a good antioxidant.It does not have any adverse reactions or toxic contents.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Top Secrets For Relaxed Hair Treatment

1. Don’t use a weave unless it is very necessary as this can make your hair worse.

2. Friction on a pillowcase can break off relaxed hair. Use only silk or satin sleeping caps or pillowcases.

3. To keep your hair very thick and full, use a very wide-tooth, seamless comb and comb hair very gently. This will prevent pulling out hair from the roots and will help to prevent breakage.

4. To strengthen the hair before getting a relaxer, use a protein treatment 7 days before.

5. Believe that it is possible for you to have healthy hair. Find what works for you and never stop searching until you do.

6. Educate yourself. Shear Hair and Beauty Magazine (as well as other hair books) is an excellent resource.

7. Not all shampoos and conditioners will work with your hair type. Try different brands until you find 2 or 3 that work for you.

8. If you experience breakage from a particular brand or type of hair oil, discontinue using it immediately and try something new.

9. Avoid over-conditioning the hair. Pay attention to the hair on a regular basis to determine if the hair needs special treatment.

10. Remember that shampoo is meant to clean the scalp and roots, and conditioner maintains the hair.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steaming Your Face: Do's and Don'ts

You can steam your face at your own home without having to go to a spa or see a professional.

  • When you are steaming your face, don’t do it over a pan. This can be dangerous and it can be hard finding a place to set it, and its difficult keeping the water warm.
  • Do sit with a towel over your head over a sink and allow the hot water to run. Or you can try taking a shower as hot as you can stand it.
  • Don’t get it so hot that it burns your skin, this is going to cause damage to your skin and you can get seriously hurt.
  • After sitting for about 5-7 minutes, your skin should be softened and opened. Don’t go longer than 8 minutes, or then your skin will start to get wrinkly being in the steam directly.
  • After you have steamed your face, wash it with your facial cleanser. Your cleanser is going to be able to get into all of your pores and clean out all of the dirt and oil.
  • Pat dry with a towel after washing. Since steaming your face can sometimes dry out your skin, make sure that you apply a moisturizer after your face is steamed and washed.