Monday, January 23, 2012

Top Secrets For Relaxed Hair Treatment

1. Don’t use a weave unless it is very necessary as this can make your hair worse.

2. Friction on a pillowcase can break off relaxed hair. Use only silk or satin sleeping caps or pillowcases.

3. To keep your hair very thick and full, use a very wide-tooth, seamless comb and comb hair very gently. This will prevent pulling out hair from the roots and will help to prevent breakage.

4. To strengthen the hair before getting a relaxer, use a protein treatment 7 days before.

5. Believe that it is possible for you to have healthy hair. Find what works for you and never stop searching until you do.

6. Educate yourself. Shear Hair and Beauty Magazine (as well as other hair books) is an excellent resource.

7. Not all shampoos and conditioners will work with your hair type. Try different brands until you find 2 or 3 that work for you.

8. If you experience breakage from a particular brand or type of hair oil, discontinue using it immediately and try something new.

9. Avoid over-conditioning the hair. Pay attention to the hair on a regular basis to determine if the hair needs special treatment.

10. Remember that shampoo is meant to clean the scalp and roots, and conditioner maintains the hair.

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