Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wear it Up!

Floral headbands will always give you a trendy look

If you can accessorize your clothes, why not your hair? It is a simple act of adding a dash of color here or there or simply clipping the hair that will create a tremendous change in the appearance of a person. Some accessories can make you look a million bucks worth yet you do not have to spend that much to look that good. All it takes is having the right head gear to match your dress.

Accessorizing the hair has become a worldwide trend as seen on the recent jean Paul Gautier and Chanel fashion shows. They have even extended from the conventional head wraps to a variety of product brands, from simple to super luxe ones. They have been made particularly big in order to give the hair more attention and add more sophistication to an entire look, and that is what is selling lately.
Hair clips are very fashionable and can be held in a bun or with the hair let loose while Head bands are back and bigger than ever. You can update your look with trendy colors, pretty prints and fabulous selection of shapes and sizes to fit your personal style. So make an effort to stock up those whimsical accessories that will transform you from bland to beautiful in an instant. The same applies to the trend with hair clips, hair claws and ribbons. Flowers and feathers create an elegant look so go for it for a perfect day or night look.

Some ways in which you can wear your hair is pulling the hair back into a ponytail, and then pulling the tail through to create a loop and fasten with beaded accessories or hair bands or simply hold the front of your hair with a scarf, it is trendy. Just go ahead and let your imagination run wild.

You can accessorize short hair too. Buy basic colors that blend well with almost all your favorite colors so that your head gear is not limited.

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