Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beauty collected

Whether it’s peeling nails, a head full of dandruff or patched skin, beauty in general is, or at least should be every woman’s concern. It may be true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, it pays to add a little effort to achieve beauty, whether it’s on the inside or the outside. It takes sacrifice in many ways and that includes time and money but the end result is always evident. This simple beauty review will help you in your quest to achieving a fabulous look from head to toe.

Hair care

We have all suffered bad hair days in trying to achieve a certain look but I recommend persistence. For example, if you are trying hard to grow your hair, it will take a bit of patience and extra hair care to get it to the desired length, thickness, fullness or shine. Invest in the right products that will bring growth and glow to the hair. Avoid cheap products that will instead break the hair and visit a professional who can be of help.
Note: you need to know your hair type in order to be sure you are purchasing the right product.

Facial care
Taking care of the face should be a daily task to avoid clogging of the pores. Also using skin bleaching products will only harm the skin cells and the end result will be horrible. Instead, you need to know your skin type, whether it is oily, dry or a combination of the two; and use the appropriate products for a well-balanced complexion.

Nail care
Most nail problems are related to lack of adequate nutrition. The right diet combined with a little time spent on pampering your nails each day can create a huge difference regarding nail care. This little, but critical part of our bodies speaks volumes about what we take seriously. Ignoring it therefore, may portray a negative image about you. Nail care should be as essential as selecting an outfit, a pair of shoes to match or just the right hairstyle to go with.

Put simply, your success in achieving the beauty you are looking for depends on a combination of factors, neither of which should be ignored.


  1. Karibu BabyAmore! Watch this space for more!

  2. Hi Shear, nimekuwa nikitumia BOTANIC relaxer kwa muda mrefu, na nyewele zangu zikawa nzuri sana, lakini kama twice nimenunua dawa mtaani na kutumia diff shampoo naona nywele zimenywea. Unayo BOTANIC REPEAR KIT kukani kwako? please kama utanipa na price itakuwa poa. Relaxer, hair food, steaming etc.

  3. Hi Maggy,

    You are blessed with thick hair! It is a good thing to have thick hair rather than thinning hair. The Olive Oil Relaxer Kit by Organic Root Stimulator is one of the finest hair relaxers in the market. Try mixing the product well before use or use a professional hair stylist. You need to part your my hair into four equal parts. Then apply the relaxer to the roots or your hair (after mixing the activator and relaxing cream together). After you are done applying the relaxer, begin to smooth out your roots as quickly as possible so that you can prevent your scalp and hair damage. The roots should smooth out very easily, even if your hair is very coarse, thick and coils tightly. Try to wash your hair as soon as you feel some areas of your scalp are tingling a bit so it does not give you a mild irritation, because this might burn your scalp. When you are finished with smoothing your hair roots, you should quickly rinse as much of the relaxer from your hair as you can, and then shampoo away the rest of the residue from your hair. It best you do this at a professional hair salon for an added advantage.

    More to this, for thick and unshiny hair, try using Olive Oil Polisher, this serum is good for terribly dry and unshiny hair. Olive Oil Hair Polisher keeps it soft, glossy, and shiny. Our customers have tried other serums too and give good recommendations but they always come back to this one.

    Try also applying a nourishing conditioner mixed with conditioning oil after shampooing your hair. Put this conditioner on your hair after washing and wrap your hair up in a warm towel for your hair to be nourished. Do this once or twice a week.

    Finally, be careful with what products you use as these could do more harm than good. Try and use natural products if you can.