Monday, March 12, 2012

Going green on hair

Green your hairdo and look forward to a healthier, shinier hair while saving money, time and the environment.The lovely hair leave-in conditioners are very good way of letting your hair grow naturally, and are also good for the scalp.Using organic products has a number of advantages which are helpful to both the body and the environment, making it a great choice over the rest.

You may want to know that;

  • Some conditioners are manufactured using negative PH (Potential of Hydrogen) which coats the hair and eventually it becomes thick and weighs down thereby becoming lifeless. Organic treatment never coats so the hair has lustre all the time.
  • Organic hair- treatment benefits all hair types from dry to oily because there are natural ingredients that help to moisturise the hair without coating.
  • If you are an expectant mother, you will most likely feel more comfortable using naturals with fewer chemicals. You would therefore alter to botanicals.
  • And don’t forget that it’s about time we all became concerned about the environment. Organic products are eco- friendly. We as a whole should waste minimal energy on pollution by altering the least in substances.

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