Monday, February 6, 2012

Hair color...

A lot of care is needed when it comes to having hair colour or hair dye. For African hair type which has been relaxed first is regarded to have been processed before dye. The first thing you have to do is to find a reputable salon that either specializes in hair colouring or Afro hair treatment. Before you have all your hair dyed ask to have a strand test done to see the strength of your hair to take the colouring service.

Once your hair strength is confirmed, the next thing to consider is the tonal choice and the method to which the colour will be applied. The most recommended way is highlights; it gradually eases into the hair colour change and also gives minimum hair damage.

For whatever option you go for, it is important that you regularly visit professional stylist for the right treatment for chemically treated hair, to keep your hair and colour in great condition.

In case you did not like the colour or at some point you got tired and impatiently want your original colour back, seek experienced technician to make the corrections. And it is advised to have some intensive treatments before and after re-colouring so as to avoid any further damages.

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