Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dark circles

CAUSE:Dark circles are the result of blood that pools in the vessels that lie close to the skin’s surface, which is why they can be almost impossible to hide. They can also arise when fat bulges out; light cannot be reflected properly, casting a shadow under the eye.

Additionally, sun exposure can aggravate under-eye darkness by boosting melanin production, as can allergies since they cause the veins to become congested and enlarged. A lack of sleep as well as dehydration can emphasize dark under-eye circles but nine times out of ten, sleep is not the culprit.

PREVENTION :Some under-eye darkness is genetic and related to inherently thin skin. The thinner the skin is under the eye, the more pigmentation shows through. Loading up on vitamin K, both internally and with topical products, is a good option since it strengthens and clots blood vessels to stop the pooling that causes darkness.

SOLUTION:Excessive sun exposure only intensifies dark circles, so always wear an SPF formulated for the eye and protect your eyes from the sun at all times with sunglasses.

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