Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bob Weave

This weave screams bold! Its suggests sexy! Its a look for the confident and classy, the independent and those that can go edgy yet still show professionalism and chic all in one.

Twist the lock on the face a little bit further and it’s a night look. Take it the other direction towards the ear and you can wear it almost any where. This look is completely tapered on the sides and back with the front sides having the heaviest part of hair.

Superstars like Monica wear this as their signature look and have reintroduced this with a strong following. Ladies who do not want to crop their hair can still achieve this look with the weave.

To maintain this weave

  • Use a wide toothed comb to put hair in place.
  • Spray the hair using braid sheen.
  • To keep the hair in place for a while, cover with silk scarf when going to bed.
  • To protect your hair when wearing a weave, opt for a sewn in weave as compared to using glue.
  • Finally, if somebody gives you a compliment, don’t explain that it’s a wig-having great hair builds on confidence.

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