Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bath and unwind...

When most people talk of skin care, they refer to the face. However; the entire body’s skin requires attention and the first step to proper skin care starts with bathing.Bathing involves a lot more than cleanliness as it improves circulation and increases energy.With a variety of products in the market, it’s hard for a consumer to decide what best caters for their needs since each individual has a unique skin type.
The first thing you will have to know about the product is its particular use…for example gels, body scrubs, bath foam, salts, soap etc.

-Bath salts:Leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed and help to relax the body and mind.

-Shower gel:Begin your day or night with a good shower gel rich lather and fragrance. A little goes a long way with the right product. You will feel relaxed. Lavender is a great relaxer.

-Soap:Buy a soap that has a daylong freshness…everyone loves to smell good…and check whether it is good for your skin type. Remember soap must be able to effectively wash away grime and dirt. Medicated…Ayurvedic…

-Loofah scrubs:Comes in very handy, they help to relax the muscles after a scrub by increasing on blood circulation and gets dead skin off the body.

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