Friday, February 4, 2011

Once upon a shine

High Lip gloss can be so intuitive… it can read your lips

Lip gloss must be of every girl and guys best friend because it gives them a luster look. What’s with that face…? Oh yes! guys do wear lip gloss too. This is the way to go if you want a laid back yet gorgeous look. Moist and glossy lips are a wonderful to look at, get someone to comment on your lips.

Moist lips also reduce the risk of chapping or dryness as this is not only a terrible sight but causes deep cuts too. It is nice to invest in lip gloss that gives you, one nonstop gorgeous color and shine for longer hours. MAC lip glosses will not disappoint you in this. They give you a precise and comfortable single coat application.

Lip glosses are also a perennial favorite. They are absolute with just a bit of shimmer and come in various shades. I personally wear Revlon color gloss. It provides shimmer that lasts and protects lips from drying and cracking.

One advantage of lip gloss is, it is designed to be worn on its own; although there are other lip glosses that are to be worn with lipstick, either on top or before applying lipstick.

Lip gloss can be found in two kinds; clear color and color tint such as red, pink, purple and so on… it is even better to use the neon colored lip gloss because it gives a very sexy glassy glow. So next time you think of giving your lips a treat try lip gloss.

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