Friday, June 18, 2010


For a while now, African wear has come out of fashion but fashionistas have more than ever opted for the new African look because of how far it has come and the fusion it has endured in the fashion arena.

Originally, only old village belles covered themselves with African fabric from head to toe but it’s not the case anymore. This fabric has been revered lately and is sharing the runway with top world’s class designers and gaining its own in the world of fashion. With African wear you can always make a statement because of the brightness of the fabric and variety of design which allows the designers space to be as creative as they wish.

A number of leading fashion designers are getting the opportunity to blend on the runway because of the power of the attire. Local fashion designers such as Mustafa hassanali, Ali Remtulla, Robi Morro and many more fashion designers are being recognized for their ability to take this fabric and work magic with it. Mustafa Hassanali in particular has a knack of blending the African fabric with sheer to create a unique fusion.

There are a number of ways one can wear the African fabric and look great for any anticipated occasion.

His and hers

This is a perfect way to shout it out and look great together. It is recommended for married couples.

African material reloaded for a more hip/ contemporary look.

Men are also catered for in this diverse range

Maintaining the original look and also be very chic especially if you chose your colors right

Just like other clothe ranges, African wear does not leave anyone behind, every body is catered for.

Many fashionistas prefer the fusion/evolution of the African fabric to fit modern wear. It is now gaining momentum on the fashion scene

Fashion designers like Mustafa Hassanali have chosen to fuse this fabric to create modern clothing.

A wrap is a very beautiful way of remaining Afro centric

You can wear an African material in addition with another material of your choice and pull it off. It looks great.

Even world top models like Naomi Campbell favor the African attire at times.

Now that you have an idea on what’s hot, flaunt it with African attire and feel your best.

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