Friday, June 11, 2010


Scent of sophistication
It is quite a sight watching a beautiful lady or good looking gentleman yet if they passed by, it would either break or make your general conclusion of them. This is because of their scent-on most occasions you will love a person better if they concluded their neat touch with a fresh fragrance and shun another who is well dressed yet smells so terrible you would want to bloke your nose when they passed by.

Although many people chose to ignore this while others fall for the wrong kind of perfume, choosing a fragrance is something which needs to be done carefully in order to meet what you desire. In this case, meaning a sense of expression through the art of smell.

As a matter of fact, a fragrance speaks volumes and can define or classify you. Most people blindly chose their fragrances but first, you need to know that there are some fragrances for men only, others for women only and a few unisex. You however can’t pass wearing cologne as a woman or a sweet perfume as a man because they won’t define you. Some smells define masculinity and others feminity.Unisex perfumes have just a touch of the two. It is close to yin and yan- perfect balance.

Men's fragrances are known by their strong and bold scent, while the perfect Ladies' perfume will have a sweet, calm and soothing scent.

You also need to differentiate between night and day perfumes. Night scents are heavier than day perfumes because the cool in the night intensifies the fragrance. Day perfumes however are mild due to the heat and activity which is carried on during the day. Not everybody favors a certain fragrance and you tend to meet a lot of people during the day. You therefore need to choose a mild perfume to work.

When you buy a fragrance, try to make sure it has a long staying power. Please stick to originals to get the most out of your scent. Fake goods have a low product rate and most mixtures are not done correctly or with the wrong chemical. It in the end turns out to stay for a little while or not smell good at all. You will then appear cheap in your quest to spend less. Invest in a good brand. Getting a good recommended brand fragrance would do you good.

Is your body clean enough to wear fragrance? You need a good bath before wearing a fragrance because the body odor can completely kill the scent if not clean. Having a good bath rids the body of sweat and all the other toxins from the body. When you mix the toxins with perfume, it creates an over whelming toxic smell. Look into this to ensure you have the best of your fragrance.

You should also get something that defines your personality say sweet and sexy or confident. Yes, these are created in scents. How you can do this is up to your personality to fit. Alternatively, you could ask the sales person to give you a clue or go with a friend who knows you well.

When you go to choose a fragrance, do not use more than two testers as this can completely change the scent of the perfume …

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