Friday, May 14, 2010

Nails in the know

Take a closer look at your nails. Are they strong and healthy looking or do you have ridges and dents or an unusual color? This calls for closer attention in this area. The vanity of beautiful women lies in their hair first and foremost then the nails follow to create the perfect finish.

Although we sometimes go through spells of ignoring our nails while we are preoccupied, we as ladies should put more effort to looking great. There are simple steps that we need to take:
  • Keep your finger nails clean. Keeping the finger nails clean means literary cleaning them by not allowing dirt to clot underneath the nails. It’s a no for trendy women to move around with dirty nails. You need to clip your finger nails too and keep them in shape; that’s if you are growing them long.
  • To maintain your finger nails and keep them strong, you need to eat a well balanced diet. Gentle care for nails is also a plus. This includes having a kit which consists of a nail cutter and buffer. It also makes it quite easy to put the nails back in shape with the kit.
  • Buffing them for a manicure should be followed evenly otherwise the nail becomes weak. The even movement in one direction does not allow for ridges which make the nails weak and eventually break them.
  • You need to know how to apply varnish after cleaning the nails. After applying one coat of vanish, it’s advisable to wait for it to dry before applying another. You also need to apply not more than two coats of varnish otherwise it gets to heavy and begins to peel.
  • Removing the varnish just in case you need them to breathe for a while also requires care. First, you need to invest in a good varnish remover with vitamin E. Some varnishes peel the nails so stay clear from such if you have used it before.


Make taking care of your nails a lifestyle and usual regime and you will have wonderful nails within no time.

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