Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best Beauty Advice

Every woman, okay; every fashionable woman needs a friend who will be able to give them just those little bits of advice to save the day. It could range from one’s fashion sense to how to best get rid of acne or what the hottest trend is. Today, I want to let a sister in on some of those beauty tips that would save you from going all the way to disaster.

Do not wash your face with very hot water as it compromises the skin’s elasticity. Very cold water will also cause damage. Always use Luke warm water, followed by some splashes of cold water to tighten the pores and boost blood circulation. Use a face towel to gently clean your face after this regime. Trust me, in a few weeks of your routine, you will have healthier skin.

Choose foundation in natural light. The way you can find the shade that exactly matches your skin tone is by using natural light to pick your tone color. When you go to a beauty store to pick up your foundation, make sure it is in broad day light. Fluorescent tubes would give you light that is not so real - that’s a trick so be at the stores early enough to guess right.

Wash your hair less but use a very genuine shampoo that will take away all the dirt. The hair produces natural oils for a healthy glow but if you over wash it, its productivity will diminish. It is advisable to have a good wash at the salon and not every day washes even if you wear braids or have it natural.

Always dab tissue oil around your eyes before going to bed. Bio oil is a good pick as it will keep the face moist. Baby oil may also do the trick. If you are out of tissue oil, a night cream is also worth having.
Never go to bed with make up. It will not only stain your pillowcase but cause damage to your skin. Make up covers the skin pores so if you want the skin to breathe while you get some sleep, please do without the makeup.

Free tip

  • Wear less make up for an instantly fresher look but always chose authentic brands.


  1. You are always Welcome Bazizane.And please do not hesitate to let us know which of our advice you are putting into practice, and how it is helping you.