Monday, January 2, 2012


  • Eat well balanced meals. Burgers and chips are an easy way out of the kitchen but are expensive when your calories start piling up.A meal that consists of the necessary nutrients might at times not offer the best value taste wise but is great for the body, the skin and the mind.
  • Get enough time to sleep and relax. Lack of enough sleep causes fatigue, eye bags and make you age rapidly. Ensure you sleep a minimum of six hours daily.
  • Avoid stress. Easier said than done but try to stay clear of stressful situations. If you have an extremely busy week, take the weekend off and do something that you enjoy for a change. If the phone keeps on ringing switch it off.
  • Be with people that care for you. You happiness is vital for your beauty. Being around people that care for you makes you glow.
  • Get regular exercise. You don’t have to look like an athlete but going to the gym regularly or jogging occasionally is great for the skin as the pores open and great for your body as well.
  • Love yourself. Taking care of yourself, making yourself beautiful and just having a good feeling about yourself is a great way to looking great.

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