Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Body odours

Good morning....
Ladies whether you are married or single it is necessary to smell good all the time. Here are a few tips on controlling body odors that will pave a way for general beauty:
-For strong body odors a warm water bath with soap twice to three times a day will do.Concentrate on the smelliest parts such as under arms and other private parts.
-Wash your armpits before and after sweat. This mostly goes for people who do manual jobs.
-Remove hair from your armpits in order to protect them and free them from bad smell.
-Avoid spraying perfumes under your armpits during dry seasons because they can produce a bad smell after sweat.
-Wear sleeveless clothes mostly during hot seasons to allow air to pass through your armpits.
-You can use powder under your armpits in order to avoid endless sweating.

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