Monday, September 20, 2010

Makeup Focus

The trick here is wearing makeup that appears natural yet put together beautifully. Many women love and always favor products that will allow their facial skin to breathe with ease and not stress them during those busy days. Here, we introduce you to the process of getting the perfect look, with makeup to create that youthful and clear complexion compared to wearing over-the-counter products that will only create a dull, matte makeup look.

The purpose of makeup is to enhance the skin, which means, creating extra glow with the perfect products. They could range from cleansers, toners, foundations, creams and powders. You may also want to know what works best for you before you buy the product. Many uptown beauty shops have samples to enable you chose the color that best fits your skin tone. Choosing the right color gives one a more natural look and a beautiful complexion.

Also, it is advisable for one to settle for well acclaimed brands such as sleek, M.A.C or Maybelline which promise the consumer high-end products. After you have chosen your make up well and are ready for a beautiful face, here are a few tips to go along with:

Eye shadow

Keep it subtle by trying out a contrasting color. It looks beautiful. Do not use more than two colors if you are looking for a chic look.


Many times we look at someone and think, “she is strikingly chic!”. We immediately begin to search for what it is about them that captured our attention. If you choose to use one thing that will always impact your look, mascara is the way to go.

Neat Eye brows

Pluck only under your eyebrows to give you a perfect shape. You may not want to go too thin on the brows.

Lip stick

Use a brush to even out application of color. It is okay to use a gloss over the lipstick to give some shine. Get a good lipstick with vitamin E to keep the lips moisturized.

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