Friday, April 23, 2010

Weave it!

A woman’s hair is often seen as her most defining feature so it’s no surprise that we pay a lot of money to maintain and experiment with it. Women have been using hair extensions to enhance their natural beauty. Do not underestimate the impact of soft looking face, beautiful hair and proper grooming can have on you. Just imagine how good you feel after visiting your hair stylist or a beauty salon.
Having great looking hair is critical to cultivating self confidence and self esteem. How you get your hair done, how you dress and how you maintain your looks is an indication of how you feel about yourself. Ignore the stereotypes who would like to pull you down on spending on what you enjoy most. Avoid negative people and embrace positive things in your life. Build self confidence and improve your self esteem with a good looking you! More and more celebrities are experimenting with new hairstyles and they have set the standards.
The best place to start when considering what weave to wear is to find a good hair stylist who would give you advice. You should be able to discuss color options, length and style, and aftercare with you to make sure you will love your new hairstyle. To get a polished and natural look is still dependant on how well the application is done.
Choosing how you want to wear your extensions is crucial to the finished look and also imperative in order to look after your natural hair and scalp. There are a variety of ways, say sewing and bonding.
To have a hair style as extreme as this, you will have to determine how well this style will fit with your facial features too.
Ashanti always rocks the perfect weaves, whether she is shooting a music video or on the red carpet. You too can achieve this look by selecting what suits you in terms of length and color.

As a matter of fact, weaves are not cheap if you are looking for the real deal. This is because the quality is good and you will be able to wear it for a longer time or even more that once. So, if you are seriously considering having one, you want to get it right thus saving in the long run. Invest in the best to look this smashing.


  1. The most party of the body took much % of our income!!! MWANAMKE UREMBO

  2. Hello BabyAmore,

    Ni ukweli, mwanamke urembo! Thank you for realising that to be a woman is synonimous with being beautiful; and what's more, for helping to spread the word!

    What makes the difference between you and 'just any other woman' is the attention you put to making yourself look attractive. The detail in your hairstyle, your makeup, your stylish outfits and the perfect accessories to match, all cost money; but hey, its time we realised that we as ladies are worth it all, and even MUCH MORE!

    Cheers BabyAmore...