Friday, February 26, 2010

In Fashion's Pace

While trends come and go, style is eternal. The ever changing, ever evolving fashioniser - the one who is always ahead of the pack - is the most stylish of all. We all have that girl around the corner we know who has everything in place each day or that celebrity who is always on point on the red carpet right? Now being them is practically impossible but one thing you can do is get in touch with your fashion sense and put an effort towards that.

Style comes in a number of ways. There is the trend setter-one who is always creating their own and moving forward to allow people to take up the style. This kind of person usually has a creative or artistic trait. Who do you think invents the color or material of the year? One thing I have realized about colors and blends is that they do not just come up. If you know the previous year color, find something that blends closest with it and it will pick up the next year. Some fashionisers find that in the color contrast. You too can start a color revolution that will create a huge following.

And then, there is the trend follower who sees what everybody is wearing and vows to buy the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that. The majority of us fall under the trend follower category anyway. I would say it is a good way to keep in style and stay ahead or in tune with fashion. There are some who buy fashion and beauty magazines and do the trend way before it has become something everybody is seen with. You could consider them fashionistas and follow suit.

So, how does one get ahead of the pack? There are So many easy ways to get the look and come ahead if you please. However, the easy way may bring your face first on the ground. Patience is what rules here. Imagine a world of ever changing trends being rushed as it unfolds, never ending in its show.

The secret by Rhonda Byrnes talks of asking and you will receive. Something of the sorts, you know-the law of attraction? I would say asking could be the first move. Consider asking for a bit of creativity and insight into the world of fashion. You have to tap into your creativity and live by Spirit because it takes a lot of energy to stay at the top of your game. We all know how fashion can be fickle. This means having a sixth sense on fashion. Any artist or creative person will tell you that. Although you may predict the older fashions that were in the industry and try to modernize them, you still have to be very keen on everyday trends.

A number of things that have been taken in as a trend; from our hair to the shoes that grace our feet, all keep revolving and must all complement each other in one form or the other.

Let’s take a look at how all these components are interrelated.

Hair styles say a lot about a person. It could range from simplicity to sophistication. Hair and fashion should always collide and be in tune. For example, the latest trend is the Lace Front wig, something new on the market .it and other new hair do’s match the latest trends in clothing and shoes. So create a statement look starting from your hair.

Accessorizing is another plus. Many clothes become even more glamorous when accessorized. There are various ways of doing this which include using scarves, belts, hats, pantyhose, bags and porches, shoes and many more additional ways of having a chic or sexy look. With accessories matching an outfit and the right hair, one is meant to make a huge fashion statement.

It is easy for a trendy person to choose the clothes, however, mixing and matching the accessories and the hairstyle should be done with caution as this can make or break an entire look.

Perfect finish always makes the difference. And that is what it means to look smashing from head to toe. Bringing your face to life with fresh and attractive effects such as lipgloss, blush, lip stick, eyeshadows and foundations create the perfect finish.

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