Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 - Stepping Out in Style!

It has recently become a tradition in Tanzania to celebrate Valentine's Day which is an occasion where one can openly express love to your beloved. The most romantic Valentine is when a lady receives a bunch of red Roses. The red Rose is a flower traditionally recognized as the symbol of love and passion. On the contrary, Valentines is all about looks, style and painting the town red.

For most ladies, it’s the day we show off our good looks with garments that make us stand out from the crowd. With good reason, on the most romantic day of the year it is important to have everything in the right place. However, most people go wrong when it comes to matching the perfect outfits with the perfect make over - hair and make-up. Yes you want to look attractive and yes you want to make a huge impression but if you overdo it, the result is as bad as failing to live up to the day’s expectations.

To look half as good as you want on this day, you need to know what you will be doing, and either you may have plans for the whole day with your sweetie or that candle light dinner. Depending on where you will be, plan your hairstyle in advance. You can start to plan if you are getting a weave sewn in on the day before or on the same day, or wear a sexy wig or if you will treat your natural hair all depend on your choice.

If you have an oval face, a bob cut that accentuates off your high cheek bones, with slight foundation and a touch of powder blush and lashes thickened with mascara would be perfect if you plan to have dinner and stare at each other for hours. Apply black eye-liner to the top eyelash line to give your eyes depth.

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day morning or evening to get your nails done because you will definitely be late. The salons are really packed on these days. So make an early appointment and make sure you keep time and meet your appointment. Men love pretty toes but they dislike waiting on that special night and might spoil the mood before you even get started with your romantic dinner for two. Get that pedicure and manicure done in advance. If you plan to wear shoes that reveal your toes, get the nails to match the colour of the chosen attire or your purse.

It is a night that will be sealed with a kiss. Keep your lips kissable by ensuring that they are soft and subtle. Apply our Sedell Vitamin E lipstick or lip gloss and make sure you leave the stain on your glass of wine or coffee cup. Most men love to see the lipstick stain because it brings back afresh the memories of the previous night or time you spent together.

Don’t forget that this is a lover’s day, it is not a day to look flashy but a day that you accentuate your looks by the right make up and compliment that with the perfect outfit.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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